Questions & Answers

Here you will find a list of some of the questions we are frequently asked about our products and our company.

Which brands belong to the Brandt Group?

The following brands belong to the Brandt Group:


  • Brandt Zwieback
  • Burger Knäcke
  • Finn Crisp
  • Feldbacher Zwieback
Are factory tours available?

We regret that we do not offer tours at any of our factory sites.


Information about donation requests/free samples/promotional material/sponsoring activities

As we receive several enquiries a day concerning donations/free samples/promotional material/sponsoring activities, we are unfortunately unable to reply to them all. Here, our company regards is committed to support specially selected charitable and regional institutions, as we trust you will appreciate.

Should you be interested in receiving our promotional material, please obtain it from our BRANDT SHOP. For further information, please go to, and then click on the online shop.